Today we feature Rob Andersen head coach of the B05 Red team for our #CoachFeatureSeries. Here’s a little bit more about Coach Rob in his own words:

“I grew up in AZ.  When I turned 16 we moved to a pistachio ranch.  You could say that I come from a nut farm! And that would just be referring to my 9 siblings. I played all kinds of sports. I moved to UT to go to BYU and enjoyed 4 seasons so much, I decided to stay.  I became a fire fighter for Salt Lake County.  About 7 or 8 years ago, I hurt my back, and got a medical retirement.  I started coaching as an assistant coach for my son, Tiger’s team, and learned a lot about soccer.  When I played as a kid, I didn’t understand the game.  I started working as a PE teacher at an elementary school.  A couple years ago I became a head coach.  I also coach Basketball.  I love to ride mountain bikes.  I started helping the Brighton team out this year as a mountain bike assistant coach.  I love coaching because I love to see the progress the kids make and I usually see progress in myself as a side benefit.  I also garden.  My front lawn is my garden.  Gardening is a lot like coaching.  You plant the seeds, water them, care for them, nurture them and soon, those teeny tiny plants burst forth and deliver fruits unbounded.  A little bit of love on the front end results in a huge result come harvest time.

My wife and I also enjoy our 3 boys and all their activities–soccer included.”

Thanks for all you do for CFC Coach Rob!