For today’s Coach Feature Series we are thrilled to highlight Coach Tim. Tim is an amazing leader, who motivates his teams and they all just love him! He claims that coaching doesn’t come naturally for him but we beg to differ. Here’s more about Tim in his own words:

“Hello CFC Family,  My name is Tim Normand and I am the head coach for both the B07 Red and B12 Red teams and what a wild ride it has been coaching both my boys and their respective teams.  

My very close knit family of four is all we have here in the great State of Utah.  My wife grew up in Oregon and myself in Maine.  We have two boys, Micah on the 07s and Lucas on the 12s.  She came East for a job and I came West to play.  Growing up in Maine I never knew I would land in Utah but I tell you what those that have grown up here, you have a really cool state.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  

Coaching soccer doesn’t come naturally to me but I love every minute of it.  It all started with Micah and AYSO.  Seeing a need for a bit more guidance I stepped up thinking I could fill that vacancy.  HA!! Man that was an eye opening experience.  It’s like herding cats when not only the kids are green, but so is the coach!

Years have past and I’ve (polished….) my knowledge of the sport and the best ways to pass that info along to the teams.  Seeing these kids grow from boys to young men with the 07s and now getting to start again with the 12s is the most rewarding thing you can imagine.  Players have come and gone on my teams and will continue to do so, but the joys of helping them for a brief snapshot of their growth or an elongated tenure of their youth is priceless.

My competitive edge comes from 7 years competing on the World Tour Of Freeskiing.  Spending time in the mountains in the off season (of soccer) and still (at the ripe age of 42) competing against the youth in the mountains, still keeps my stoke alive.

CFC has been a huge part of my life over the last handful of years.  I hope to continue the legacy growing with the B12s and continued success of the B 07s.  

Go CFC!!”