Below is a list of our teams for the Fall 2022 season. 

GIRLS (22 teams competing in the Fall season)

HSP G07 Red MS HSP G08 White RA

G09 Red RA G10 Red BD G10 White JH G10 Gold AM

G11 Red TT G11 White ND G11 Gold CS G12 Red BS

G12 White KA G12 Gold AM G13 Red KC G13 White NH

G13 Gold AA G14 Red KO G14 White BS G14 Gold KO

G15 Red AR G15 White AR G16 Red AR G16 White AR

Not competing until Spring 2023:

G07 Red DM, G08 Red MS, and G08 White RA

BOYS (25 teams competing in the Fall season)

B06 Red CS B07 Red TN B08 Red TS B08 White MC

B09 Red JL B09 White CS B10 Red AM B10 White JS

B10 Gold MC B11 Red ZL B11 White RW B12 Red TN

B12 White TC B12 Gold DF B13 Red MC B13 White MC

B13 Gold MA B14 Red TS B14 White NA B14 Gold PL

B15 Red LC B15 White LC B15 Gold LC

B16 Red LC B16 White LC